I believe that volleyball is an excellent sport that builds skills and virtues that will prepare young players for a successful and fulfilling life. Dependability, work ethic, being a team player, discipline, leadership, accountability, fairness, responsibility, performing under pressure, sportsmanship, creativity, quick decision-making and health are all developed and improved during the volleyball experience.

I believe in continual improvement. Every day a person either gets better or regresses, nothing stays the same. This is true for players as well as for coaches. I have been involved with volleyball over the past 30 years at all levels, from novice up to the highest, professional. I have trained with and competed against Olympians and I actively follow the developments in the game – at the High School, Collegiate, Professional and International level as I constantly strive to improve my skills, knowledge and understanding of the game.

My main goal as a coach is to make an athlete better in volleyball, as well as build character and teach life-lessons. As a motivator I aim to help the athlete perform to the best of their potential. I do not expect perfection from the athletes because true perfection is impossible to achieve. I encourage the constant pursuit of perfection through hard work.

I use goal setting in helping athletes get better. The goals are big enough to be challenging and small enough to be within their capability. The goals are specific and are long term and short term in nature.

Players learn in different ways and therefore I coach by explaining but also by showing and participating in practices and drills. Once I get a chance to know each athlete, I prepare an individualized plan and approach to help make the player better. I use video recording and statistical analysis extensively in practices and matches.

I believe that communication is paramount in coaching. I always try to build a relationship with the athletes and establish open and clear lines of communication. The relationship is built upon mutual respect, caring and belief in the athlete’s abilities but is never too close. It is clear that I am the athlete’s coach and not a friend.

I genuinely care about the athletes and their well-being. Every action I take goes through the test “what is best for the athlete?” and “what is best for the team?”.

I coach and lead by example. I treat my players with respect and I expect the same in return. I also expect to see punctuality, dependability, fairness, high ethics and morals and I do my best to be an example.

I was a scholar-athlete and a member of the Dean’s list in college. I believe that volleyball players should be well-rounded individuals. USA has a unique College educational system where students are offered an environment where they can excel both on the court and in the classroom. I would encourage and help everyone who strives to.

Always remember that volleyball is a game and fun is part of every game. I believe in hard work but I also know that players cannot show their full potential if they are not having fun on the court. Fun should come from the satisfaction of doing something better than before and as a result of hard work put in practice. Having fun on the court can be a result of collaborative effort by each individual player in pursuit of the common goal of playing a game to the best of our abilities.

My coaching philosophy also involves giving athletes the rules and boundaries of the game and allowing them to create on the court within those rules and systems. I believe that sports are not performances but games and improvisation is a big part of being a good player. Their reasoning abilities are being developed and can serve them in the classroom and in life.

Last but not least I believe in these four aspects of preparation: Physical strength and conditioning preparation, Skills training, Mental Preparation and Strategy. They can all be practiced separately and together, and when teamwork is added the results will be outstanding.